Celebrities Who Use Psychics

You might be surprised to find out that a lot of famous celebrities visit psychics regularly. Though they might seem to have it all, many celebrities are aware of their short-lived fame, and are desperate to see what might be in store for their careers.

What’s in store for my lifestyle?

Of course there are celebrities like The Real Housewives of New York, who’s fame and lifestyle revolves around the fate of the universe. They’re often seen meeting psychics, who tell of pregnancy, wedding bliss and their status in New Yorks social scene.

For some people, like Heidi Montag, having a manager who organizes day to day activities isn’t enough. Her manager was also a psychic! However many of the stars visit Ron Bard. Brad Pitt is one of the many stars who frequently seeks the key future from Bard, who’s mother was also a famous psychic.

Even the late Princess Diana consulted several astrologers, and reportedly had two psychics as her trusted advisors. When she became a part of the royal family, there’s no doubt that she wondered what was in store for her. One of her psychics, Sally Morgan, still practices her skills today, and still consults many British celebrities.

Help! Save My Marriage!

There have been some celebrity couples on the verge of divorce, who have turned to psychics to address their issues. Even Sex In The City star, Sarah Jessica Parker, met with a psychic while she and her husband, Mathew Broderick, were having trouble. For the modern couple, deciding whether the marriage is meant to be, or whether it is their destiny to move apart, can be found though a psychic.

Uncovering Psychic Skills

Some celebrities have even dabbled in the psychic art themselves. Comedian Brett Butler retired from her comedic career to pursue psychic skills. Her drug addiction and fall from Hollywood stardom, as well as a bunch of awkward interviews, seem to have been a catalyst for her ‘involuntary psychic abilities’. As with all celebrities, you never know whether there is truth, or whether the media is blowing things out of proportion.

Connecting With Loved Ones

We’ve all heard of the devastating losses of some of our favorite celebrities, and some of them have turned to channel psychics to connect with their loved ones once again. Chelsea Handler lost an older brother when she was a child, and invited world-renowned psychic medium James Van Praagh onto her talk show to communicate with his spirit. Both Angelina Jolie and Denise Richards have consulted psychics to contact their mothers, who have been a great influence in their lives.

Overall it’s obvious that psychics have been relied upon to by celebrities to share their future and connect with the past. Though a lot of these celebrities had the money and access to the best celebrities in the world, don’t worry! Psychic Central and their talented psychic base are only a phone call away. See what is in store for your future!

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