Communicating On A Different Level Using Telepathy

You may have heard stories about people, often twins, finishing each other’s sentences when they talk, or people who sense when someone else is in trouble or feeling pain even when they’re separated by a great distance. These curious incidences make you wonder whether there is a way to communicate with another person without actually verbalising or writing down what you have to say — and if you pay a visit to or contact a reputable psychic via phone or email, he or she will tell you that the method is called telepathy.


What is it?

Simply put, telepathy is a form of direct communication, classified as a form of extrasensory perception or ESP, between two living creatures (it could take place between people, between animals, or between people and animals) that does not involve any verbal, written or visual exchange of messages. It also does not make use of any of the five senses to get the message across. In this type of communication, one person acts as the sender of the message, while the other serves as the receiver.


Telepathy is often divided into three different types. Physical telepathy causes a person to experience sensations such as pain, hunger, or illness. Mental telepathy, on the other hand, is most often depicted in science fiction or superhero films; it involves communication that takes place between two living beings without the use of any physical media. And then there’s emotional telepathy, wherein a person may inexplicably experience fear, depression or excitement.


Telepathy and the flow of energies

According to seasoned psychics, clairvoyants, card readers and other mediums at Psychic Central, telepathy becomes possible when people operate on the principles of love and acceptance, which makes communion — and not mere communication — possible.


To be able to connect with another individual at such a level, a certain degree of acceptance for the other person, and a certain level of clarity on your part (so that reaching out to someone else can be accomplished) is required. Imagine what it will be like to connect to another person if your mind is closed and your ego is bloated; making a genuine connection will be difficult. By taking to heart the process of becoming one, and the process of cultivating clarity and identity with yourself, you become better equipped and positioned to tap into another’s physical energies and tune in to their thoughts, emotions and sensations.


Is telepathy something that all people can experience?

To a certain level, it is believed that all individuals can perform telepathy through pure instinct. Others, however, are more perceptive of the universe and the beings living in it than most — these are the psychics and mediums who are able to provide advice and guidance on issues related to life, relationships, money and career, past lives, future occurrences, and even loved ones who have passed away. Through their readings, you can gain better insight on a wide range of situations and concerns, and thus find yourself better equipped to make decisions or choose the next path to take. Contacting mediums with the gift of telepathy can help you connect with another being and attain peace of mind, body and spirit — and it’s easier to get in touch with these talented readers now more than ever, as they can be just a phone call or text message away.

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