Connecting With Your Spirit Guides

If you believe, there’s great comfort in knowing that spirit guides exist. What are they? They’re incorporeal beings that prod and nudge us in guidance so that we end up fulfilling our mission in this life. We supposedly make a spiritual contract before we start out with an incarnation, and the spirit guides help us make good on the contract.

Most of us are more familiar with the term “guardian angel,” which we believe to be that one being that has taken on the role of our personal protector, but there’s really more than one guardian angel or spirit guide in our lives. Some of them stay by our side throughout our life, while others pop in and out depending on the situation. They also vary in levels of consciousness. Some are considered highly ascended masters; some, average spirits with mastery in certain areas; some, spirits who’ve passed through an incarnation; some, spirits who have never had a body, etc. It’s possible that a deceased loved one is our spirit guide, but this seldom happens.

When we need the help of our spirit guides, they are able to intervene through different means:

1. Signs

If you find yourself seeing or hearing something over and over again, it could be a sign. Look for the message in it.

2. Intuition

If you hear a voice in your head telling you something, it could be your spirit guide talking to you.

3. Gut feeling

If you have a feeling about something or someone, that could also be your spirit guide trying to tell you something.

4. Messengers.

You could encounter people used to deliver a message to you.

5. Situational arrangement.

Spirit guides can arrange things so that you are hindered from or pushed into certain situations.

We’ve probably all encountered the above instances, but how do we know it’s guidance from the spirits and not just some random happenstance or coincidence? By connecting spiritually with our guides, we can better sense their presence and direction. How can we achieve this? We need to start acknowledging their existence and actively watch out for signs, listen to the voice in our head, and heed our gut instinct. Keeping a journal, meditating, and recalling dreams also help. We could also consult a psychic to get an introduction and meet our guides.

Spirit guides are here to our advantage, so it’s only wise to acknowledge and appreciate their existence so that we could fully benefit from their help.

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