How Can Phone Psychics Help You Discover Past Lives?

People have always been fascinated with the possibility that they may have existed in an earlier time or place, living an entirely different lifetime. Sometimes, an individual may be fixated on a specific place without knowing why, or discover that he has knowledge or skills but has no way of explaining how he was able to acquire them.

For many such individuals, the only explanation that they could consider is that those skills, experiences or knowledge were theirs in a past life, and they trickled down (in the form of memories, dreams, and actual inherent knowledge) into their current one.

The belief in past lives, or reincarnation (the concept wherein the soul is eternal and capable of being born into a new life after a previous one has ended), is nothing new; it is quite prevalent in Eastern religions (like Buddhism and Hinduism). And while it is not as readily promoted by western cultures, it was considered by ancient Greek philosophers.

For those who believe in the existence of past lives, turning to insightful and experienced psychics can help them discover more about the possibility of their previous existence in two different ways:

Past Life Readings

You can contact a medium that specialises specifically in past life readings. This kind of psychic will have an ability to tap into the Akashic Records, which is considered the universal storehouse of knowledge. After you prepare yourself sufficiently to receive the information about your past life, the psychic can draw from this storehouse and reveal available details about your past lifetimes — as well as the ways in which the past is affecting your current experiences, relationships, decisions and behaviours.

Past Life Regression

In this method, the psychic will lead you through hypnosis. Relaxing into a trance-like state, with the help of a knowledgeable hypnotherapist, is ideal for recovering unconscious memories and experiences of your past lives. Your chosen medium will have expertise in guiding you comfortably throughout the entire hypnotherapy process, and there is much insight and discovery to be gained from such an exercise.

Finding out details about lives you have lived, people you have known, and experiences you have gone through in a different place and time is an exciting event that can bring more meaning and understanding to your present state.

Psychic Central has made it easier for you to tap into this discovery by having esteemed and compassionate phone psychics ready to take your call and begin your journey to discovery at the most convenient times for you.

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