What is dowsing?

Dowsing is the practise of finding water, metals, oil, other substances and even gravesites in the ground without the use of scientific tools. The process of dowsing was first recorded in Germany as early as the 15th century, with the basic idea of using of a divining rod to amplify invisible movements of the hand coming from the dowser who has an ability to sense the earth’s magnetic fields or as many firmly believe, possess a form of extrasensory perception. One way to explain the phenomenon is by exploring the environment. If a dowser can detect hints about their surroundings, then they make subconscious movements with their hands, forcing the rods to shake and dip, indicating they’ve found something of value. Most dowsers can’t offer a plain explanation how the process works but the practice has been used to locate substances successfully throughout the centuries and since dowsing is not based upon any known scientific or empirical laws or forces of nature, it should be considered a type of divination.

How does it work?

One popular explanation focuses on the pineal gland, a small endocrine gland found in the brains of vertebrates. This gland not only takes care of producing melatonin (which is a substance that causes a change of polarity and therefore drives our spirit out of our body and into an excarnated sleep state during some 8 hours each day), but the most outstanding abnormality is the fact that it is the only gland in the body consisting of frequency conducting tissue. Endocrinologists themselves admit it is the one gland they know the least about, and the reason lies in its electromagnetic and esoteric properties.

Anyone may have the power

Dowsing is one of the few psychic talents that can be applied directly for profitable result or as a business. Some well-known names from history practiced dowsing, including Leonardo De Vinci, Robert Boyle (considered by many to be the father of modern chemistry) and Charles Richet (a Nobel Prize winner). Whilst there are some individuals whose dowsing powers are extraordinary, dowsing like most psychic abilities, may be an inherent power that all humans possess. And, like any other ability, the average person might become better at it with practice.

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