How Psychics Have Influenced World History

Psychic phenomenon has been a part of human history from the beginning. While they may have gone by different names, the talents of people such as seers and even prophets bear a strong resemblance with the skills of modern psychics. In the past (some of it not so distant) powerful Kings and Queens, religious leaders and military commanders have all turned to people with psychic abilities for added advantage.

While a modern government or leader might have a team of advisors, much like they did in the past, it would be unusual for them to have a psychic, seer or soothsayer giving them opinions.

Psychics in the Royal Courts

The most famous person with paranormal skills to advise a Royal during modern history was probably Rasputin. An extremely divisive and controversial figure, Grigori Rasputin was a peasant faith healer and what would generally be described as a mystic. His most famous role was that of a healer to the son of Tsar Nicholas II, Alexei. There is much disagreement to the extent of Rasputin’s influence in the royal court, but he was eventually blamed for the suffering of Russia during World War 1, and assassinated by nobles.

While this is a very recent example, it was a tradition in many Royal Courts around the world to have spiritual advisors, astrologers and others capable of interpreting signs and messages from the spiritual realm.

Psychics at War

Modern psychics (and many through ancient times) are quite spiritual in their beliefs and practices. This usually makes something as horrific and un-spiritual as war an unusual place to find the influence of psychics. However, it seems many military commanders, their Kings and the people who fought for them had a strong interest in the opinions of the spiritual realm.

This could be something simple like signs and omens – interpreted by a holy person, seer or other type of psychic. Other questions would be more precise, such as asking the Gods or the spirits whether particular battle plans would be successful. It does not really matter whether those giving the advice were genuine psychics or not, because their opinion was usually taken seriously, and this has affected the entire history of the world.

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