How The Angels Are Helping You Everyday

We all need a little help and guidance in our lives and who better to provide it than the Angels? For thousands of years these ‘beings’ have been helping individual humans in their lives with warnings, prophecies and healing. The most well known of the Angels come from early Jewish writings and have continued to play a role in the wider world. Many believe that they are an ever present part of our existence and continue to direct their prayers, hopes and dreams to specific Angels.

What are Angels?

While Angels are still shrouded in a sense of mystery there have been many recorded cases of Angels appearing throughout history. In Judeo-Christian teachings there is a distinct hierarchy of Angels that all carry out specific works. The highest ‘rank’ is that given to the Arch-Angels which include Michael – which many faiths believe to be the chief (or leader) of the Angels. While they are spirit beings capable of transcending our physical reality, they have on many occasions manifested themselves.

Angels That Offer Protection and Guidance

Many of our psychics here at Psychic Central use items such as Angel Cards to communicate with your own personal angels. There is no doubt that the main role of these spiritual beings is to help provide protection and guidance to mortals like you and I. Here are some general problems in your life that Angels can often help you with:

Health –

Angels are healing beings and with their help and guidance you can become healthier and happier.

Family –

All of your family (and perhaps your family as a whole) would have one or more angels watching out for them already.

Spiritual Matters –

Whether it is getting to know your own spirit or spirituality in general, these beings are able to guide you on to the right path.

Death –

There is always pain when a love one passes but after that can come healing and understanding. Angels are a reassuring presence that can help you understand that your loved one isn’t ‘gone’ they have just moved on to a different existence.

Unnoticed Angels And Their Influence

The more that you learn and seek the advice of your Angels the more you will realise the hidden influence they play in your life. There are some that believe that childhood ‘imaginary friends’ that we all have were in fact angels and not imaginary at all. Rather, the cynicism that we can adopt as we grow older means that we are less able to see or notice any of our ever present and helpful angels.

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