Keeping The Balance & Protecting Yourself From Unwanted Energy

A particularly common question is asked to many of our psychic readers at Psychic Central – “How do you keep a proper balance in life with relationships, family, work, money and staying happy?”.

The answer to ‘keeping the balance’ question is very particular. A person cannot be 100% committed to everything at once, and thus, must achieve a balance by protecting yourself from unwanted energy that will isolate you to block everything out and be 100% committed to one part of your life only, while forgetting anything else that may require some of your commitment to make sure you are continually surrounded by positive energy during the day.

It is a very daunting feeling when you become sensitive to particular energies that control your emotions and cloud your thoughts. It can become even worse when they affect personal relationships, your work environment and therefor snowballing everything else in your life, which can take a drastic turn.

Below are some various techniques to make sure you can protect yourself from unwanted energy that isolates and keep the balance.

Staying Grounded


The perfect way to keep the balance is through your own remedies to stay grounded. Different people understand what is best for them to make sure they can find clarity during difficult situations. Remember whatever helps you stay grounded; exercising, talking to friends or family, it is essential to make sure that you can see there is always another option.  In saying this don’t be afraid to stay with your gut feeling and wait it out if you are unsure. Just pay attention to the goodness.



Meditation has been a technique used by many psychic mediums to find peace, clarity and protect them from unwanted energy. If you have not meditated before please have a look at one of our other blogs on some quick steps to get started with meditation.

Learning to Love Yourself


One of the biggest ways to keep the balance is to understand yourself to fullest and love everything about the way you are and they type of energy you expel to the world. Your personality might involve being dedicated to see something through until it is finished. There is nothing wrong with that, but if you aren’t on a deadline remember to include others into your life so that you don’t push anyone out and you can retain the balance.

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