The Pros and Cons of Online Psychic Readings

The modern-day psychic reader may still use traditional reading “tools” and channels such as the crystal ball or a deck of tarot cards or their personal link to a spirit guide. But they also don’t shy away from the latest gadgets and platforms to deliver their readings.

In fact, psychic readings online are now common, and getting readings through SMS and mobile channels from a reputable organisation such as Psychic Central is now considered one of the most trusted ways of getting reliable, accurate and on-demand clairvoyant information.

Online psychic readings offer the following benefits:

Fast access.

Online readings give you the fast clarity you need when you seek urgent answers to pressing questions. No need to dress up or travel to the psychic’s office. All you have to do is to go to the website and go straight to the page where you can post your question and receive your reading. You can do this via any device – PC, laptop, tablet or your smartphone.


Online readings are preferred for the discreet platform they offer to clients. All interactions are done virtually; you don’t need to show your face or even talk. You often just need to type in your question and the answer will come to you through a computerised system.

Cost efficiency.

The simple and straightforward manner in which online psychic readings are done make the system more affordable for most people. In fact, some of the readings are offered for free. You just need to register for the service or join their membership to gain access.

On the other hand, it also pays to consider the following disadvantages of online psychic readings:

Potentially inaccurate readings.

Some say that online readings can be more accurate because the psychic won’t be distracted by other factors such as tone of voice or body language. However, experts argue that the highly impersonal nature of online readings may not provide the link necessary to create a psychic connection.

Potentially fraudulent claims.

When all your interactions are merely through typed messages, there might be more avenues for fake psychics to pass themselves off as the real thing. Make sure to do your research and not just rely on the impressive copy or offers in the website.

If you want to ensure a more accurate and personalised reading, a physic reading session via phone or SMS may be a smarter option. Just like an online psychic reading, phone or SMS sessions are available 24/7 and offer the same discreet platform for you to discuss your most urgent concerns. A phone dialogue or an SMS conversation can provide the psychic a more detailed and deeper understanding of your issues, allowing you to create a connection from which pure and crystal-clear psychic vision can spring.

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