Psychic Meditation – How a Psychic Reader Prepares Before Readings

Meditation is a wonderful instrument used worldwide for many different reasons. Psychic meditation allows a psychic reader to tune in and become one with their spirit guides to give you the most effective psychic reading. Whether you are a psychic reader or practicing to become one, the following techniques will help you understand the purpose of psychic meditation better and how to meditate before a psychic reading.


What is Psychic Meditation

Psychic Meditation is similar to normal meditation as it allows your mind to relax from busy situations or uneasy thoughts. Its purpose is to provide clarity and let the information come in from the universe. Most psychics will use meditation prior to a reading with a client to be at their best. If you are new to the process of readings and adapting to your new psychic abilities, try the following steps to achieve the ultimate level of consciousness and strengthen your abilities as a psychic.


The Steps To Achieve Psychic Meditation


To dive into proper psychic meditation there are a few things needed first to ensure your experience is a good one.

  • Move yourself into a quiet room with natural sunlight.
  • Sit in a comfortable chair that provides back support.
  • Plant your feet on the floor to stay grounded and place your hands in your lap with your palms facing up.

Please note that it is a good idea to remove all electronic devices and choose a time when there are no disruptions around you to break the stillness. You can light some candles or place any other items in the room to make you feel comfortable.

Begin Your Psychic Meditation

Once in a position of stillness, begin to close your eyes and focus on your breathing. The process of breathing sounds simple enough as we do it everyday, however, if not done properly you will not achieve psychic meditation. Follow the steps below:

  1. Inhale oxygen deeply through our nose
  2. Hold your breathe for 2-3 seconds if you can
  3. Exhale through your mouth for 2-3 seconds
  4. Repeat the process a few times until you begin to do this normally at a calm pace and without thinking.

Setting Intentions

While you have begun your psychic meditation, set your intentions of providing the best psychic reading to let the universe know. Here is a good time to ask your spiritual guides for guidance over the next reading for the highest and best good of your psychic reading client.

This is an important step and should not be missed!

Opening Your Mind To Receive Information

During your meditation you will begin to receive intuitive messages from the universe and your spirit guides. The best way to understand these messages is to visualise something opening like a rose blooming or book opening. You may have something totally different that represents this.

Ending Your Psychic Meditation

Slowly begin to open your eyes while still inhaling/exhaling. Once you have done this take a moment to reflect and understand how your psychic meditation has helped you open your mind.

Well done, you have completed a psychic meditation session. You can pay gratitude to your spirit guides and the universe for grounding you.

It can be a good idea to sit quietly still for the next 5 minutes with a notebook and write down any messages received, physical sensations, or emotions, that will help during your next psychic reading.

There will be more information on psychic meditations in the weeks to come, until then stay tuned…

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