Psychics In Modern Day Australia

Psychics are now commonplace in Australia so it can be hard to know where to start in terms of the ‘type’ of psychic you might need. Australian psychics are world class and there is always a range of psychics available. The most common type of psychics in Australia answer questions that people commonly are asking about their past, present and future.

Here are just some of the types of psychics that you can find in Australia:


This type of psychic most people will be familiar with. These are generally people that see things in terms of other dimensions, auras and other energies that permeate life around them. It is also quite common for a clairvoyant to be able to contact non-physical entities and consciousnesses.


While this may seem like it is similar to a clairvoyant it actually relates to hearing. A clairaudient is capable of hearing events in both the physical world (that may be some distance away) and the spiritual world. It is not uncommon for a psychic to possess multiple abilities such as hearing and seeing in the spiritual realm.


These are psychics that are able to feel things in the physical realm. They use touch to understand events past present and future. This can also be expanded to smells.

Remote Viewer

Made famous because of spy research over many decades, a remote viewer is capable of seeing objects or events (or even listen to conversations) from far away. This is sometimes referred to as travelling clairvoyance and is unique because events may be described in real time, not something that has happened already.


A unique type of psychic in that they can receive and send information from mind to mind. This is not to be confused with clairvoyants who read energy, and are more concerned with direct messaging to the mind.


You can think of a medium as a conduit between this world and those outside of our physical reality. They can often act as mediators between the living and the passed allowing family and friends to contact those who are no longer with us.

No matter what kind of psychic you need you will find most of them at Psychic Central. Some of them working with their skills full time and others simply aware that they have some form of gift. Perhaps you have a psychic ability? What kind of psychic do you think you are?


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