What Are The Different Types of Psychics and Their Abilities?

A psychic is categorised by their abilities. There are many different types of psychic’s and abilities, which have been found in people over the age of humanity.  Within this piece you will understand what a psychic is, what are the different types of psychics and what abilities these psychics have in order to help you out with your pondering questions or inner thoughts that need clarity.


What is a Psychic?

A Psychic is a person or medium that claims to have an ability to perceive information hidden from the normal senses through extrasensory perception (ESP) also know as the “sixth sense”. A Psychic may also have special healing powers that can be either communicated through their voice or translated through touching or passing spiritual energy onto another person.


What are the different types of Psychics?

Psychics, as mentioned before, cannot be categorised together as many have different abilities and powers. They are then categorized by these abilities, which you will see below.  There is an explanation to each of the different types of psychics to understand better what they do and what would best help your need or situation.



A clairvoyant is someone who practices in clairvoyance (also known as second sight). The clairvoyant is one of the most popular types of psychics as they can explore non-physical realities and dimensions through their clear sight or psychic vision. This ability is useful for people looking to gain insight into the future (pre-cognition), clarify the truth in the present (which is the most common) and the past (post-cognition).



A clairaudient is someone who practices in clairaudience, which is the psychic ability to hear events occurring at long distances in both the physical world and non-physical reality. Other known experiences are being able to eliminate language barriers in humans and understand conversations in unknown languages.



A clairsentient is a psychic who practices in clairsentience, which is the ability to feel surrounding energies and non-physical consciousness through feeling and sensing. This type of psychic ability is usually the first that is developed by a psychic as it involves emotions and kinesthetic experiences. Clairsentient’s usually have physical symptoms that arise due to positive or negative experiences or situations surrounding them.

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