What Are The Modern Methods Of A Channel Psychic?

A spiritual medium (often called a channel medium) is someone who can actively receive communications from specific people or spirits that are beyond our physical realm. As you can imagine, this can be extremely beneficial for those wanting to get in touch with family or friends that have passed on. This type of psychic ability has been popularised in modern times as well with TV shows like Medium (based on the real life psychic Allison Dubois) as well as real life shows with readings performed in front of an audience like Crossing Over featuring John Edward.

What does channelling involve?

In the past, summoning dead spirits to speak with the living was actually a popular past time, especially among the rich and notable in society. Quite famously, the poet W.B Yeats was fascinated with psychic abilities, practiced ‘automatic writing’ and attended many séances. Modern channelling is now less about showmanship and more about getting in touch with relatives and loved ones.

A psychic reading that involves getting in touch with deceased relatives or friends usually begins with ascertaining who exactly the psychic is talking with. Because there may be multiple spirits wanting to communicate with you the spirits will often give the psychic ideas, phrases or even events so that they may be identified.

To put things in a simpler way – the psychic themselves are more than just a conduit to relay messages to the living. They also have to have discernment when it comes to spirits so that they know they are communicating with the right ones. Otherwise, their unique gift of seeing or hearing the spirits means that they can only pass on what they hear or see. This can be confusing for the psychic at times because they will usually not know the meaning behind what they are experiencing. Rather, they are images, words and other things that a family member or friend would recognise about the spirit being contacted.

Most modern channel psychics will go through this process of confirming a spirit is who they say they are to avoid any lying spirits. So it is important when consulting with a modern channel medium to verify and ask questions of any spirits your psychic comes in contact with. It is easy for a spirit to say they know you, but much harder if they have to give some hard evidence of how they know you and who they are.

If you are seeking answers about friends or family that have passed then a channel psychic is a really good place to start.

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