What Is A Spirit Guide?

A great number of psychics utilise spirit guides to provide a way to more easily communicate and interpret information from the spirit world. This can include psychic readings for an individual as well as acting as a way to help those wishing to communicate beyond the physical realm. Spirit guides also act as a protector of a human being as well as providing guidance (as the name suggests).

Do You Have A Spirit Guide?

Many people believe that we all have some form of spirit guide watching over us and even communicating with us at times. These guides can vary from those who stick with you for the long run or those who just give you some help at certain times in your life. In this way, spirit guides can be very much like the people in your life – some are lifelong friends, while others might be people you only meet for a short time.

Differences in faith and belief mean that the term ‘spirit guide’ can range from humans who have passed on through to religious figures and even angels. This is so common in human history that we have assigned certain beings (and even gods) as protectors and guides for: different jobs, diseases, geographical locations and, of course, entire religious movements.

How Psychics Use Spirit Guides:

The most common way that a medium will use a spirit guide is to give them answers to their own questions, as well as the questions of people seeking psychic readings. They can be thought of as having a more ‘bird’s eye view’ over your life and the lives of those they watch over and guide. Their advice may not be in the form of directly speaking to a psychic, but instead they may send signs and omens, provide an urgent feeling (or gut feeling), or even send the right people into your life.

Discovering Your Spirit Guide

Spirit guides can also be very good at arranging and rearranging certain aspects of your life for a positive outcome. So discovering and ‘communicating’ with your own spirit guide/s can be achieved by:

Paying closer attention to your feelings

Watching for signs and omens

Seeking guidance in your life

Following your own instinct

Consult with a psychic who specialises or has a spirit guide

Can You Have More Than One Spirit Guide?

Yes, of course you can, and often will, have a number of spirit guides helping you (or communicating with you) throughout your life. Remember, the more you open yourself up to help from beyond the physical realm, the more guidance and protection you will receive. We have a number of psychics here at Psychic Central that have their own wonderful spirit guides so we know how helpful they will be in your life.

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