What Types Of Psychic Abilities Exist?

There are many types of psychic abilities and while many offer a glimpse into the past, present or future psychics can have very different ways of ‘seeing’. This can include different psychic sense (such as sight or touch) as well as different methods like tarot or other divination. In this article we explore some of the common (and uncommon) types of psychic gifts that exist in our strange and wonderful world.


is the type of psychic ability that most people associate with psychic readings in both the past and present. The gift of clairvoyance could be described as the ability to see clearly – whether that is into situations in the present or something that is yet to come. Despite this clear sight, it can be difficult for some clairvoyants to understand what they are seeing without context. This is why personal readings are much better so that what is seen can be explained and interpreted properly.


is more about feeling than seeing and the most common form of this gift is empathy (experienced by empaths). While this is a psychic gift, it can often become a problem for those who possess it due to turbulence of having to feel other people’s feelings. A trained psychic can learn to control this flow of feelings, but, as you can imagine, having an uncontrolled flow of other people’s emotions to your own body could be traumatic. Although, psychics with the gift of clairsentience can be very helpful for people who are dealing with trauma.


is not about hearing voices talking into your ears, it is the gift of receiving direct messages intuitively. This could be little things such as something in your mind telling you to go a certain direction (and thus avoiding danger) and may even extend to hearing the voices of spirits and other beings not of this physical realm. This type of gift is usually used by mediums to channel spirits of family and friends who have passed on.


is the psychic ability of just ‘knowing’ something. Unlike the above examples this type of psychic ability is more clearly based on intuition. This can range from specific facts or just knowing who you can and cannot trust. So unlike clairaudience there is no inner voice saying anything, the psychic will simply have that knowledge.

While these abilities on their own are quite powerful gifts it is not uncommon for psychics to display multiple psychic abilities.

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