What’s the Difference Between Tarot and Oracle Cards?

Mediums have been using cards as a way of effectively communicating with the spirit realm for a long time. When most people think of psychic readings they are picturing tarot cards. These originated in Europe around the mid fifteenth century and were used as both playing cards and for psychic readings. The cards themselves do not hold “psychic power” but, like Oracle Cards, can give a more visual and accurate reading for the psychic.

The Long History Of Psychics And Card Readings

Psychics have often been called “oracles” in the ancient world so it makes sense that one of the most popular ways of communing with the spiritual world these days is through Oracle Cards. These are not exactly different than tarot cards, but rather, they allow a more open reading. The idea behind readings from cards and other objects is that the spirit world can direct what is shown.

Essentially, any form of card reading is a form of divination. Modern card readings and other readings can be done with tarot cards (the most popular), oracle cards, Angel cards as well as rune stones that are based ancient rune alphabets. There is a selection of psychics here at Psychic Central that use one or more of these methods to give you accurate readings.

Key Differences Between Tarot And Oracle Cards

The major difference between the Tarot and Oracle cards is their historical age. However, their purpose and usage remain essentially the same – to provide readings for yourself or others. Even though tarot cards were first developed as a game much like modern playing cards, they are the perfect tool for giving an accurate reading.

Which Cards Are Right For Your Psychic Reading?

It is not necessarily the case that either tarot or oracle cards will be right for you. Rather, it is what your medium is comfortable and skilled at using as a tool for divination. In fact, many of the mediums here at Psychic Central use both the Tarot and the Oracle cards to provide clear psychic readings. If you are unsure which is right for you then it’s always best to consider what your reasons are for having a reading – and then ask your personal psychic for their opinion.

Other Ways Psychics Can Provide Readings:

As mentioned earlier, there are many ways that psychics can provide readings. While some do not use physical tools for divination (such as tarot, oracle or rune stones) most find it helpful to gain a clearer line of communication with the spirit world.

At Psychic Central our talented psychics can give you a reading over the phone or via sms. All you need to do is contact us!

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