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Psychic Reading Email Platinum

The Psychic Central Email Service is a brand new service by Psychic Central for our international clients and for clients who are unable to access our Live call and SMS services.

A Platinum Reading will ask you to provide your Date of Birth along with five questions you would like our Psychic Central Readers to answer for you (Whether you require answers on a specific concern, relationship, situation, or would like a general reading for the year ahead.) as well as the option to upload a photo. Our truly gifEmail Psychic Readingted team of Psychic Central Readers will provide a detailed reading for you (approx. 1600 words).

For a detailed Platinum Email reading by one of our gifted Psychic Central Readers today, simply select the Platinum option below;

Email readings will be responded to within 72 hours excluding weekends and bank holidays. If you need further information or have any questions, please contact my Customer Care Team by phone or email: 1300881457 |

Psychic Phone ReadingPlease note: You must provide your date of birth to show you are over 18. Our Psychic Reading may also use your date of birth to help them to channel and tune in to you. Due to regulations, we are not allowed to answer questions on health, pregnancy, finance and legal issues.