Blessed with the gift of clairvoyance since the age of 13 after a near death experience , Psychic Central Reader Aisha has given thousands of phone clairvoyant readings and performed psychic healings since the early 90’s. With a huge client base of corporate organizations, private professionals as well as international clients from across East Africa, the Gulf States, Singapore, Mauritius and Europe.  She is a phone clairvoyant psychic so she sees spirits and visions. Aisha works on feelings and emotions and sees Angels and Auras of people. She can not only perform hands on healing but can send healing through the phone. With her phone psychic ability she can see the lives of people and help them to understand their feelings, thoughts, emotions and events that happen to them or those they ask about. And enable you to make decisions that positively influence your life in the present.  Aisha is able to impartially  give advice to her clients on spiritual matters assisting them tap into their spirit within.  She says that her role is to help her clients be their best self. Aisha is available for live phone and SMS readings at

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