Psychic-Central Reader Dan is a highly talented and skilled Phone Psychic-Medium and uses the Tarot. Dan utilizes various Tarot spreads adjusted to suit the client’s needs. He generally uses the old English spread which is a multi layered spread presenting the likely events for the upcoming year. For love and relationship issues, he will use a short term as well as a long term spread which highlights the circumstances and interaction of the energies between two people.  In relationship readings he combines his knowledge of compatible energies based in part on astrological know how, to give a more enlightened and detailed view. Dan only used to read for himself and friends until he became involved in a psychic fair 28 years ago and never looked back. Dan has been a professional psychic reader ever since. He became interested in medium ship and studied at The Arthur Findlay College. He also has Degrees and qualifications in Psychology. This gives him the valuable background and tools required to provide an detailed and multi faceted Reading. Dan is available for live phone and SMS readings at www.psychiccentral.com.au

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