Psychiccentral Phone Reader John is an international telephone psychic-medium with over 15 years experience and has dedicated most of his life to working with spirit. John travels the UK demonstrating his mediumship abilities at spiritual churches/centers, theaters, other large events and much, much more. John also does a lot of charity events throughout the year to help others as much as possible. John works in a fantastic unique way using his spirit guide Gerard, A drunken Indian to bring your loved ones forward from spirit, giving you the proof that life continues after physical death. John brings a fantastic energy, were people comment on the great feeling they get, not only receiving a message but also listening and watching him deliver these messages to others. During a live reading, John uses cards and rune stones to connect with you. Again, John uses these tools in his own unique way making that connection with you stronger and much deeper and more personal to you. He has been working at the highest level as a Psychic and medium for over 17 years now. He can provide insight, guidance, direction and clarity with his readings as well as those all-important validations. He works hands free as a Phone Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient as well as using helpful tools including Tarot and Angel cards, Oghams. He is available for live phone and SMS readings at

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