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Psychic Central has provided psychic readings and advice to me for several years. I have always found their advice to be excellent and their predictions extraordinarily accurate. Consistently the Psychic Central readers have provided sound and perceptive career, relationship and financial guidance and given my decisions a sureness and clarity that has kept me on the right path to health, well-being and a positive outlook on life.

Thankyou Psychic Central for your guidance and I look forward to sharing my success with you in the future.

Gary, Burnie, Tasmania

Having been a Psychic sceptic for several years and suffering from terminal illness, marriage breakdown and chronic depression. I finally found myself in a position where I had no other option. I finally decided to try a Psychic Phone Reading from Psychic Central.

I found the reading from Vanessa to be truthful, clear and correct. Her intuition and information about things that would happen did indeed happen. She gave practical direction that helped me to move forward. I used the advice, which she gave freely and without judgement and I felt trust in her reading as she related to things that only I knew to be true. As I made each of the changes in my life that were suggested, my life improved as well as my attitude and self confidence.

I gained a lot of benefit from what was said and confirmation has occurred again and again to keep me on track.

Thank you Vanessa and Psychic Central.

Craig, Melbourne, Victoria

After having a Phone Reading with Bonnie from Psychic Central I was convinced that the reading she gave me was from my late husband.

I had a phone reading with Bonnie for two hours and listened to every detail about myself and him that only he could have known and no one else. Even terminology she used was the same as he would have used and while it was not futuristic predictions it was a reading of his thoughts and how he is now. There were thank you messages to people (mentioned by name which was incredible) and everything that Bonnie told me was accurate and correct and gave me peace of mind and an ability to plan for the future.

Again Thankyou Bonnie and Psychic Central for being so understanding and sharing your amazing talent.

Kim, Terrigal, NSW

My phone reading with Psychic Central was the first experience I have had with a clairvoyant.

The relevance of the information and guidance given by Tina was so helpful to what I have been trying to process within myself about my intuition and seeing the lessons that have been taught to me from the betrayal of trust from an individual and chronic health issues.

What occurred was described and explained in a caring and understandable way without having provided any information first hand.

Thank you Tina and Psychic Central for sharing your spiritual gifts.

Grace , Hurstville – NSW


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