A Psychic Reading Story From The UK

A Psychic Reading Story From The UK

Her eyes popped open and the Adventures of Esotericism started immediately. She laid there staring out into the darkness of the room, and for a moment wondered what shadows that danced along the walls had woken her. It wasn’t a bad dream that disturbed her sleep, because she very seldom had them. Her real life was the nightmare and she counted on her dream world to supply her with some sort of solace. It didn’t. Once she understood what had awakened her she thanked the gods of indigestion for their faithful consistency over the past two years and vowed to continue her horrible eating habits in tribute. Dana Milton believed she was cursed. It was on this day she decided to contact StarPsychic and get answers via a psychic reading over the phone.

She sat up and looked at the lump of cover next to her that was supposed to be her husband. Dana secretly wished she had an eject button to shoot his snoring, selfish and lazy persona into outer space on a one-way ticket-no charge. She laughed out loud, visualizing the effect.

She threw the covers off and climbed out of bed. Sliding her feet into her fuzzy slippers felt warm and comfortable. January was a harsh and cold month in Bangalore, Maine. Normally, she would be freezing, but she thought she might have already started going through menopause. Some hot flashes and wanting the fan on in sub-freezing weather could be an indication. She was only 49, but some of her friends had started earlier. For 5 years now she relies on esoteric and occult predictions.

The house was chilly, as she clamped her way to the medicine cabinet. She opened it and looked in, then shut it with a bang. It was useless to even bother because none of her so-called medicines helped. She also tried psychic help, but with little effort so far. Tonight, she had it bad and would be up all night. What was she thinking of going out for a drink with the girls and eating a greasy burger?

She moved to the kitchen and acquired her favorite remedy, baking soda. Mixing it up with cold water, she drank it down fast and headed into the family room. She plopped down in her favorite comfy chair, turned on the light, grabbed a pen and her sudoku book off of the table where she always left it. She worked her puzzle while burping up the horrible foods. She hated the taste in her mouth, but it never seemed to be enough to get her to think before eating.

The aroma of coffee engaged her senses. Dana moaned, she must have fallen asleep. The sudoku book was on her lap, the light glowed and she still held the pen. The clock appeared to be mocking her, as it did a mime impression of 7 a.m. She yawned and turned out the light then headed for the kitchen.

How A Psychic Helped

Today I will need an Esoteric Adventure, she silently said to her self.

Her husband was standing there cooking bacon and eggs in grease, defying all logic of the elderly human body. She thought he was sent back to the planet he came from, too bad that button was a figment of her imagination. He couldn’t be human. She resented his inhuman qualities. His gut was cast iron.

Jake always made breakfast on Sunday mornings and today wasn’t any different. She watched him cook and wondered how things turned out so wrong. She didn’t feel much anymore.

They must have been in love when they married. She couldn’t seem to remember, the years had gone by so fast. This coming February 14 will be their 29th anniversary. She was twenty when they married and their two children Sally and Larry came gift wrapped within the first four years of marriage.

Larry was an overachiever who had to prove that the Smith men could be accomplished men. Past history demonstrated otherwise. It was an unspoken private war between him and his dad.

Jake sat a cup of coffee in front of her. He used her favorite cup. It was a habit, not love. He kissed her head. Habit. Is this due to his astrological sign or is our love horoscope completely mess? She wished she was a better listener having the ability to look into the future.

“Jake, why don’t we talk anymore?”

“Why do you always say that? We talk all the time.” Here it was again. Paff! She will tell about this today in the evening when her psychic medium will ask about her day. They will work on good karma and she will be given accurate card advice. Will it ever help to get out of this situation?

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